How does the completion of a project with Owl10 Design work? Here are the 7 basic steps.

1. Initial Contact

You contact me through my website with a project idea. I reply.

2. Schedule your Meeting

You schedule a time to meet with me through my scheduling service. THE COST OF THIS MEETING IS $100. I send you questions that I need answered before we meet and expect you to send back your answers at least 48 hours before the scheduled meeting time.

3. Hatch a Plan Meeting

In our 60-90 minute meeting, we get into the details of your project and hatch a plan for its completion.

4. Estimate

I add up the hours I believe it will take to complete what we planned and send you a quote. I also send you my work contract to sign and return.  If you accept the quote and sign the contract, we get to work.

5. Work

We do the work. You promptly send me all the information and materials I need for your project and respond to my questions. I create your product and respond to your questions. We schedule additional meetings, if necessary.

6. Revisions

Once your project is complete, I give you 2 weeks to review your product and inform me about needed revisions.

7. Flying Forward

After the revisions are complete, you and your educational product happily fly into the next phase of your organization’s future. Hooray!!!