I want to be upfront with how I handle the financial side of your project.  And since being fair and authentic in how I treat my clients is paramount, I charge every client according to the same pricing structure.


Doing my pricing this way means that my prices are NON-NEGOTIABLE.  What is negotiable, however, is your project.  If numbers are coming up outside of the budget you have in mind, we can work on adjusting the extent of your project to try to bring things into line with where you need to be financially.

Because of this desire to be fair in my pricing structure, I have also chosen to stay on a PROJECT-BY-PROJECT basis with my clients and cannot be hired for a long-term, discounted rate.  I wouldn’t feel good about charging some clients by one pricing system and others by another, so I keep it simple with an adventure-to-adventure approach to business.


Every project I do is different, and I don’t want to charge you for things that you may not need with preset package pricing.  That’s why when you buy services from Owl10 Design, you are purchasing a PACKAGE OF PROJECT TIME estimated for your individual project’s specifications.  After 20 HOURS of work with me, the rate included in that package decreases from $50 PER HOUR to $40 PER HOUR.  I’m always grateful when you enjoy working with me enough to do extended projects together, and I want to say thanks for that. Repeat clients stay at the $40 per hour rate.

I do require that you pay for my FIRST TWO HOURS of time UP FRONT ($100) for the purpose of going through the details of your project and creating a plan. After that, I can give you an estimate on the remainder of the work for your project and we can come up with a payment arrangement that works for both of us. Or if you decide that you’d like to work with someone else instead, you are welcome to take the plan we’ve come up with and get things started with them.


When I look at your project, I am giving you an estimate of how long that work will take me to complete to MY STANDARDS.  So that means that I’m going to find good solutions for your needs and test them to ensure they work well.  I’m going to be creative and careful.  I’m not a slapdash project production line. I really do care about what I do, and I want your project with me to have a great result.

Once we both sign an estimate quote, we are both bound by that price.  You agree to pay that price for my work, and I agree to do the work listed in the quote for that amount.  If I underestimated on those listed items, that’s on me.  In other words, I WON’T CHARGE YOU MORE for work already agreed upon in the quote if it takes longer than I originally thought.

If we get going on a project and you decide that you want to add to it or make adjustments, no worries! You can always PURCHASE ADDITIONAL TIME to cover the necessary extra work you would like to have done.

Sometimes for very large projects, it can be beneficial for everyone involved to WORK IN PHASES.  Estimating all of the hours up front in complex projects is difficult for me, and paying for so many hours at one time might be difficult for you, too.  So I’m good with proceeding in phases for these kinds of projects, which means that you can buy a certain amount of time for specific parts of your project and then purchase more time down the road for other parts of the project.  In this way, I can estimate more accurately for contained segments of your project, and you can pay over time.

You can use the PROJECT PRICE FINDER TOOL below to see what your project might cost.  (All prices are in $USD.)