Well, let us ‘splain, Ricky. Here’s the short, metaphorical answer: We’re online storytellers whose creative hearts have a digital beat and problem-solving minds have a technical spark.  And we love putting our hearts and minds into making the wings that let your online ideas fly.

How do we do this (the long answer)?  We are a hirable creative/tech department for solopreneurs, small businesses, community groups, and nonprofits, and we especially love working with personal brands so we can help your online presence really reflect YOU.  We get excited about design and technology and enjoy using these tools to help you layout, produce, and deliver the content, products, and services you need. Because we like to stick our fingers into lots of yummy, creative pies, we can make written, audio, and visual materials; e-books; training courses; podcasts; unique logos; branded and non-branded images; and designs for printed materials. We can help you deliver your content to the world through a website, blog, newsletter, or social media. We also have the abilities on our team to help you with more in-depth technical projects, like application monitoring, cloud services, and testing and optimization. And because we want to give you the knowledge to successfully use the solutions we provide, we offer training and education.

Sometimes it’s also important to define something by what it’s not.  So here are some things that Owl10 Creative Services is not.  First of all, we are not business analysts or coaches.  Looking at your overall business to analyze what it needs for growth or how that should be translated into services Owl10 Creative Services might offer is outside our area of expertise.  We should also mention that we are not a marketing strategy company.  Although we make things and set up services that are used for marketing purposes, analyzing your marketing needs and coming up with an overarching marketing plan for you is also outside our talent zone.  We would be happy to put you in touch with some great people who do have the knack for business and marketing analysis/planning.  And then we, as creative techy people, could make whatever fabulous things they recommended for you.  Cool?  Cool.


We’re glad you asked that, too. We are a wife/husband team–the creative and the geek (please sing that to the Beauty and the Beasttheme song in your best Angela Landsbury voice for full effect). Here’s our story in a nutshell. Once upon a time, a brainy, but rather whimsical and imaginative girl met a responsible but inventive tech guru boy. It was love at first conversation. Fast forward through some awesome years with a couple of cool kids and quirky cats, and Jenny and Jeff, as the creative and the geek were known, decided part of their happily-ever-after needed to be working together. And so, Owl10 Creative Services came into being.

And just for fun, here we are in our bespectacled glory in our natural habitat behind the computer screen:


We know you were wondering about that. Our last name is Alton, and if you say Owl10 out loud a few times…you begin to hear that it sounds like (drumroll please)…Alton! We’re the kind of people who think playing with words if rather fun, so “Owl10” makes us smile.